Friday, February 13, 2009

Blue Floor

One of the benefits of my parents annual visit from Colorado is that Jan and I feel compelled to take time off to do a bit of spring cleaning., in a panic, is more like it. Took us a week of full time work in order to pick up, dust off and get the place ready for mom's white glove inspection. The studio stays like this until my parents leave, and then immediately begins to fall back into comfortable creative chaos. Comfortable for me, Jan would like my parents to visit more often ;)
This year we needed to deal with a section of the studio that had been part of our last year's remodeling endeavor, and never quite finished. The rust colored cement floor in this area was in need of some serious sprucing up after being battered with drywall and plaster.

So....we took a little trip to Home Depot (that toy store for adults of "do it yourself" persuasion) and bought a gallon of cement paint which we had tinted blue to match the counter tile. A few hours lof elbow grease later and wa la! New floor!

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