Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Goodness knows I do, and could use a bit of their magic to finish putting together the surprise makeover of my daughter's bedroom this weekend. (An early birthday present. She gets home from vacation on Monday.) Dusted off the fairy mirror I started for her birthday last year (and never finished to my satisfaction), and gave it a quick face lift by adding a ceramic bow, butterfly and a few other little pieces. Hurray, check that off the unfinished projects list. This year's birthday challenge makes the fairy mirror look like a piece of cake.Will this overly ambitious mosaicing mom be able to pull it off in time? Pressure's on!
Only a few things left to do in the next two days. Like paint her bedroom and bathroom a soft mint green--I do the trim work and edges, Ramon rolls the walls. Put the new ceramic handles on her chest of drawers that her father so kindly painted white for me last weekend. Finish mosacing the little panels on the chest her TV will sit on, and grout it. And last but not least, grout and give a final coat of paint to her new queen sized pique assiette headboard; iron the bed ruffle and linens and put it all together before she walks in the door. Whew! Where's the room makeover team from HGTV when you need them? Marisa will be thrilled to see that I snuck in her little white ceramic kitty. When it got broken, I promised her, not too worry, I'd recycle it for her one day. Voila!
Can you imagine how fun it will be to grout this? --Julie

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Stacy Alexander said...

Beautiful work!!!

Wheres the bed??